Historical information of our family line
The Husted Family
 Our line of Husteds traces to southern England, near London in the 1500s.

  Husted is a common name in the west coast of Denmark and discussions with Husteds who immigrated from Denmark  indicate that the name probably originated there and our family are most likely descendants of Danish Vikings who raided and then settled in southern England.
This, of course, is speculation.

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John HUSTED b: 1510
pb: England
d: 1583
pd: England
Some claim that John is the earliest recorded Husted known, but,  records from the period are very sketchy.
Lawrence HUSTED b: 1545
pb: Dorset, England
d: 1636
pd: England
Reported to be the son of John HUSTED and residing on Isle of Wight. 

Some sources claim that he married Angell SMITH of Stratton, Dorset and is the father of Robert Angell HUSTED

Robert Angell HUSTED b: 1596
pb: Dorset, England
d: 1660
pd: Stamford, CT
Married to Elizabeth MILLER (1625-1706)
They had 3 children

Emigrated to the Colonies.

He lived in  Maine for a short time, then moved to Stamford, CT where he died. 

Some of his descendants moved to Fairfield Twsp, Cumberland Co., NJ 

Angell HUSTED, Sr. b: 1625
pb: Somerset Co. England 
m: Sep 1, 1643
pm: Greenwich, CT
d: Apr 5, 1706
pd: Greenwich, Fairfield Co., CT
Son of Robert HUSTED. 

Married Rebecca SHERWOOD (1625 - 1706)

Emigrated with his father to the colonies.

They had 9 children,

Angell HUSTED, Jr.


b: 1654
pb: England
d: 1728
pd: Greenwich CT
Son of Angell HUSTED, Sr.

Married Mary MEAD. They had 7 children

Jonathan HUSTED

b: 1690
d: 1733
Son of Angell HUSTED, Jr.

Married Abigail FERRIS.


pb: Greenwich, CT
m: 23 Oct. 1746
d: Sep 1783
pd:New Canaan, CT.
Son of Jonathan HUSTED and Abigail FERRIS

They had 7 children


b: 1 Jun 1755 
pb: Danbury, CT 
m:  7 Apr, 1777
d: 1812
pd: Danbury, CT 
Was the fourth child of Peter HUSTED and Ann SEYMOUR

Married Marhta (??) in 1775.  Widowed on Independence Day, 1776

Married Sarah HOLT 

They had 10 children.



b: Feb 11, 1779
pb: Danbury, CT
m: 1799
pm: Danbury CT 
d: 1863
pd: Clarksville OH
Son of Andrew HUSTED.

Was one of the first settlers in Clarksville, Huron Co, Ohio
He married Esther WILDMAN in 1799. 
Marred Fanny BARNUM in 1843
Had 8 children by his first wife and one stepchild by his second wife.

b: 1813
pb: Danbury CT
m: 22 Mar 1821
pm: Clarksville OH
m: 13 Apr 1840
pm: Clarksville OH
d: 3 Jul 1866
pd: Clarksville, OH
Son of Samuel HUSTED.

Married to Sarah GRAY 22 Mar 1821 and had 4 children.

He married Anna Cornelia STONE in 1840 (Hoyt was her first of two husbands) and had 1 child

Daniel Stone HUSTED b: 1861 
m: 1864
d: Apr 28, 1918
pd: Oberlin, OH
Son of  Hoyt HUSTED and his second wife, Anna Cornilia STONE.

Moved to Oberlin OH as a childe where he later became a dentist.

Married  Julia Elizabeth HURLBURT (1864)

They had 3 children

Howard Hurlburt HUSTED b: Mar 21, 1890
pb: Troy, NY
m: July 3, 1917
pm: Youngsville, PA 
d: 1979
pd: Wooster, OH
1st child of Daniel HUSTED.

Graduated from Oberlin High School in 1908
Attended Oberlin college.

Married Edith Lovisa KNAPP  in July 1917.

He had 3 children:
Elizabeth HUSTED (bio)
Warren HUSTED (bio)
Theadore HUSTED
Warren Ralph HUSTED (bio) b: Mar 21, 1920
pb: Youngsville, PA
m: Oct 3 1943
pm: Poughkeepsie, NY
divorced: 1967
m:  Oct 18, 1968
pm: Tacoma WA
d:  Jan 6, 2010 
pd: Honolulu, HI
2nd child of Howard HUSTED.

Attended Houghton College.  Married Mildred Anna SMITH (bio) in Oct 1945.

Was transfered by the USS Army to Tacoma, WA Aug. 1951.

He had 2 sons.
Divorced 1967.

Married Mary Louise (LeMASTER) STEWART on Oct 18, 1968.  She has four children from her first marriage and together they have one son.
Richard Warren HUSTED b: Sep 21, 1945
pb: Poughkeepsie, NY
m: Oct, 12, 1970
pm: Tacoma, WA
divorced: Nov 15, 1984
m: Jun 8, 1985
pm: Tacoma WA
1st son of Warren HUSTED and Mildred SMITH.

Married Judith HECKARD

Has two sons.
Divorced. Nov 1984.  

Married Elizabeth Lynne (SCHAEFER) DYE in 1985 and has one step son 

Retired from active service in the Navy with the rank of Chief Petty Officer.

Richard currently resides in Spanaway WA

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