Warren Ralph HUSTED (bio)

updated - 25 Mar 07
  • OCCUPATION:  Retired 
  • RELIGION:  Methodist
  • BIRTH: 21 Mar 1920, Youngsville, Warren Co, PA
  • DEATH:  6 Jan 2010,  Honolulu, HI
Father: Howard Hurlbert HUSTED  (1890 - 1979) 
Mother: Edith Lovisa KNAPP  (1890 - 1972) 
  1. Howard HUSTED (1944 - 1944)
  2. Richard Warren HUSTED (bio)  b: 1945
  3. Raymond Howard HUSTED b:1947
  • MARRIAGE: to Mary Louise (LeMASTER) STEWART, on Oct 18, 1968 in Olympia, WA
    1. Judith Marie STEWART  (S) b. 1952
    2. Robert Allen STEWART   (S)  b. 1954
    3. Dale Edward STEWART  (S)  (1957 - 1994)
    4. Cellia Ann  STEWART  (S)  b. 1960
    5. Brian Lee HUSTED  b. 1970
Born in Younsville, PA, Warren was the 2 nd child of Howard HUSTED and Edith KNAPP. 

Attended 4 years of pre-med at Houghton College, NY. 

On 3 Oct 1943 he married to Mildred Anna SMITH.

They had three sons. (Howard survived 4 hours after birth)

He joined the Army during W.W.II as a medic.  Obtaining a commission, he was assiged to Coast Artilery.

1951 He was assigned to Fairbanks, AK. while his his family remained in Tacoma WA

In 1953 He left the Army and settled in Tacoma WA.

In 1967 Warren and Mildred were divorced.

Married Mary Louise (LeMASTER) STEWART on Oct 18, 1968.  She has four children from her first marriage and together they have one son.

Retired Maj., USAR.

Member of Masons.
Past Master and 32nd deg of the Scottish Rite.

Died Jan 2009 while on vacation in Hawaii.

                                                    _ Daniel S. HUSTED___
 _Howard Hulbert HUSTED_ |
|                        |__Julia E. HURLBERT__

|--Warren Ralph HUSTED
|                         __John J. KNAPP, Dr__
|_Edith Lovisa KNAPP_____|
                          |__Carolyn PRESTON____

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