Mildred Anna Smith

b: Jul 8, 1922
pb: Coeymans, NY
m: Oct 3, 1943
pm: Poughkeepsie, NY
divorced: 1967
d: Feb 19, 1994
pd: Lakewood, WA
Mildred, known as Millie, was the only child of Raymond and Ella Smith.

Raised in Poughkeepsie, NY she graduated from Poughkeepsie High in ???

After high School she attended two years of pre-med at Houghton College NY. She continued her education at Vasser Brother's  Hospital in NYC and became a registered nurse.

While at Houghton college she met and dated Warren Husted.  They were married on Oct. 3, 1943.

She had three sons; Howard Husted (1944-1944), who was born two months premature and survived for only an hour, Richard Warren Husted (1945-) and Raymond Howard Husted (1947-)

Warren joined the Army and was originally stationed in Columbia SC.  After WWII he gained a commission and was transferred and moved the family to El Paso TX. In July 1951 He was transferred to Fairbanks AK. and the family moved to Ft Lewis, near Tacoma, WA.  to under go overseas clearance. (At the time Alaska was considered "Overseas Duty")  Due to a heart murmur, son Raymond and the family was not cleared.  The family settled and purchased a home Lakewood, a suburb of Tacome.  (Now an incorporated City)  Millie was determined to set down roots and urged Warren to leave the Army, which he did.  Millie raised her family and continued to live in the same house in Lakewood WA, until her death.

Mildred and Warren and divorced In 1967.

After the divorce Mildred returned to her nursing career, working with geriatrics in nursing homes and the state mental hospital where she retired in 1987.

In retired life Mildred enjoyed world traveling and took numerous trips abroad, visiting the Soviet Union (USSR), Europe, Australia and Mainland China.

She died from complications of intestinal cancer on Feb 19, 1994. She was interred with her mother and father in Coxsackie NY.

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