Elizabeth Carolyn HUSTED

b: Aug. 9, 1918
pb: Youngsville, PA
m:  never married
d: Nov  , 2002
pd: Wooster, OH 
Born August 9, 1918 in Youngsville PA, and was known as Betty to all her friends.

She was the eldest child of Howard H. HUSTED and Edith Lovissa KNAPP and was named after her grand mothers, Julia Elizabeth HURLBURT and Carolyn PRESTON. She had two younger brothers, Warren Ralph HUSTED (1920 - 2009)  and Theodore Hurlburt HUSTED (1922 - )

Her father worked in the bank in Youngsville PA and later formed his own successful independent insurance agency.

Graduating from Youngsville High School in 1936, she attended Alagahney College in Meadville, PA graduating in 1940.

During WWII she worked at bookkeeper with Martin Marietta in GA.

Betty fell in love - once.  Her fiancé was a flyer and he died in WWII. She would never speak of him.

She began working as a Girl Scout Professional in Erie PA and was later transferred to the council in Mansfield, OH, where she retired as the Council Executive.

Betty never married.  Having no children of her own she doted on her nieces and nephews, referring to them as her "Aunt Children."

She was an avid photographer and enjoyed whittling.  Every family member has some do-dad or jewelry that she has whittled just for them.

In 2002 Betty had enjoyed a Thanksgiving at her younger brother and his family in Bly Hill, NY.  She returned home and passed away that weekend in Wooster, OH.

She is interred  with her father and mother in Youngsville, PA

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