Passing Anchors

It is a tradition that a Chief pass on his anchors to a new CPO initiate and it is a personal honor to receive and be pinned with another Chief's anchors.

My friend, Rick Burris was pinned with anchors from his friend who had been the Atlantic Fleet Sailor of the Year.  Rick, in turn, passed his anchors to me.  I was the only California initiate in 1991 who was pinned with passed anchors.

I was privileged to have been pinned with two passed anchors.  I received my collar anchors from my dear friend, Rick Burris and
on my cover I wore the anchor passed to me from my wife's Grandfather, MMC Donald Davison, who had a ship sunk from under him in WWI.

A year later, during a CPO initiation, no one was slated to receive passed anchors.  It was discovered that someone forgot to buy enough anchors to pin all of the initiates - we were one set short.  A friend of mine was being initiated that year so I ran out to my car,  pulled the tattered anchors off my working uniform and directed that they pin my friend with them.  I then pulled my friend from the initiation and explained the situation and the history of my anchors.  I also charged him to never forget that the anchors came off my work shirt and he was being pinned with "working anchors."  He broke down in tears.  He also never forgot and became one of the best chiefs we ever had.